Cornhill Christmas


Design Brief​

To design the user interface for the Run Reindeer experience for IOS & Android from start to finish. The App must allow the user to find and scan Ipswich town hall for the augmented reality to start.


Our Role

To provide usability and design direction to the project from start to finish.


  • Sketches

  • Graphics and illustrations

  • Icon design

  • IOS & Android design

  • To ensure a fun intuitive experience for the user was achieved

  • Wireframes & Slicing

Design Details

It was extremely important that the users could find the experience prior to visiting the event, so we included a custom static map. This map indicates where the users should stand, the next step was to get them into position in front of the town hall, so this was achieved by using a photo of the front elevation accompanied by graphics in perspective. Through the experience we used a green theme as the application was for a Christmas app.

UI & UX Design


  • To minimise the amount of steps required for the user to complete

  • To ensure that the scanning page showed you what to do without being intrusive on the AR

  • To ensure the user was in the right position in front of the town hall



The application was designed to be a fun immersive experience at Christmas time mainly for families with kids. This is why it was important to us to keep it simple, rather than over complicating the steps required to start the AR, just encase a child is using it without parental guidance.

Error Message


We had to include an error message as some phones might not be capable of viewing the AR technology, so as soon as the software boots up it checks for compatibility issues.

Custom Graphics


We created custom graphics throughout the project to support the AR experience. These graphics were to inform the user on how to get into position to start the scan.

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Cornhill Christmas

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