To understand the airline booking process and to design/develop a solution which streamlines the user's journey from start to finish.

Our Role

To provide usability and design direction to the project from start to finish.

  • Competitor Benchmarking (including analysis)

  • Usability Testing (competitor products)

  • Customer journey map

  • Online survey

  • Affinity diagram (Team)

  • Flow diagram

  • Design a medium fidelity, fully working prototype for the two top flows

  • Design high fidelity mock-ups

  • Wireframes

Competitive benchmarking

The goal was to understand/evaluate the flight booking process on mobile apps such as, Virgin Atlantic, Ryannair, Easyjet and BA to see how they solved the same problem. We also investigated other third-party mobile applications such as Kayak, Expedia and Google flights to see how they were solving a similar issue.

Competitive Benchmarking

Sketching & Prototyping​

Sketching is always the best place to start, it enables you to make the transition to the digital world much easier. Below is our initial quick sketches and Medium fidelity prototype with interactions, this approach allows us to get validation before committing to a high-fidelity prototype with colour.

Screenshot 2020-12-18 at 09.46.20 copy.p

Understanding the problem


By learning to understand the problem via usability testing & survey results you gain a deeper level of understanding and empathy for the user’s experience. Qualitative and quantitative data can be very powerful to triangulate the users pain points within software, enabling you to solve usability issues quickly & efficiently.


  • The design supports two primary flows which are a return and one-way journey.

  • Not to overload the user with too much information

  • Creating a minimal and easy to understand design for all users

Design decisions


Progressive disclosure

By only showing the user information that they need to know, at the right point in time, the design screens and states can be minimal, displaying only what’s required.

Not to be misleading

By enabling the user to add their bags at the beginning of the process, this allows the price to stay consistent in the latter stages of the user flow, therefore increasing the user’s “reservoir of goodwill” towards the software.

Forgiving Software

All software should be forgiving, by allowing the user the opportunity to change the data inputs at multiple points in the software, this enables them to track back easily if an error is made.