To create a high fidelity prototype which allows you to explore and view your ticket to mars.

Our Role

To provide usability and design direction to the project from start to finish.


  • Competitor Benchmarking

  • Sketches

  • To create & design a realistic 3D environment

  • Animate and render the scene

  • To ensure a fun intuitive experience for the user was achieved.

  • Design high fidelity mock-ups

Design Details

As you can see below we created a 3D environment and visuals from scratch .This enables us to bring the experience to life creating a sense of realism to the scene once rendered.



  • To create a level onboard a starship in 3D CAD software

  • To render & animate the scene as accurately as possible

  • The ticket needed to be as simple as possible

Progressive disclosure

By only showing the user information that they need to know, at the right point in time, the design screens and states can be minimal, displaying only what’s required.

The Scene

By incorporating an animated scene of the cabin, it gives the user a sense of a heightened virtual experience within the app.


We designed the environment to echo the future of commercial space travel, this was a challenge as there aren't any commercial flights currently available to inform our design decisions. In addition we also added an element of personalisation and security into the pods with a screen showing an image of the passenger, this screen requires facial recognition to open their individual space. Therefore the screen gives an element of personalisation and luxury which can be changed for each flight.